LMD Services

LMD stands for Last Mile Delivery that focuses on delivering branded products to customer’s door step. Aspire makes excellent use of its IT platform to execute all the LMD operations with the help of OTP based verified deliveries with an extensive presence of warehouses, mini warehouses, hubs & mini hubs across the country. Aspire is totally equipped in managing flawless logistics & transportation within expected TATs. That’s HOW the Last Mile Delivery to the RURAL section in India became possible by us.

After Sales Service

We provide an additional bridge between Brand and Customers, so that our rural customers get timely support on complaints of the delivered products. Our team validates the nature of complaint and briefs respective Brands in a manner that products get serviced in single visits within 7-14 days.



Workforce Upskilling

We provide end to end solutions not only for our partners or customers but also extensively focus on building an appropriate work force for our organization. We provide regular training programs and development opportunities to expand an employee's abilities and minimize skill gaps. Common examples of upskilling efforts include digital skills, analytics skills, and organizational transformation skills.

Financial Strength

Our goal is to provide our partners operational & financial support so as to be able to fulfill , cater & sustain their increased demands at any point of time, which would further help them to scale the business and stay up in the competitive world. ‘Our Ability to Invest’ more capital in the business makes us unique compared to the other aggregators.



Robust Tech Platform

We take pride that we have our own portal IMS (Inventory management System) for smooth functioning of operations; This system helps us in maintaining all data points like inventory, purchase, customer invoicing, generation of dockets, real time - delivery status & other various reports. IMS has capability to integrate with partner’s software through API integration by which order is directly received in our system & our team can download orders in real time to initiate dispatch.

We also have designed two versions of mobile apps : One is Order Booking App – through which field officers can show the product catalog to the customers & book their orders at convenience. The second variant is Delivery App that makes our IT infra strong. It tracks the order from dispatch to delivery & verifies OTP before handing over the product to the customer.

This platform further supports Invoicing facility of more than 10K orders in a single day.